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What is PNTOSA?

Para Nitro Toulene Ortho Sulphonic acid popularly known as PNTOSA is an organic compound. PNTOSA has a byproduct known as sulphuric acid. The chemical name of the compound is 4 Nitro Toluene 2 Sulfonic Acid or 1 Methil 4 Nitro Benzene 2 Sulphonic Acid.

Here are some important properties associated with PNTOSA:

  • Its appearance is like a crystal having brown or grey color.
  • PNTOSA’s empirical formula is C 7 H7NO5S
  • It is mostly used for dying some stuff.
  • It is highly combustible and therefore must not be kept near fire or at high temperature.
  • Para Nitro Toluene (PNT) and Oleum are the raw materials used for its manufacturing.

Let us check out how PNTOSA is manufactured Chemical formula Chemical name Molecular weight
1. C7H7NO2 PNT 137.2
2. H2S2O7 Oleum 178
3. C7H7O5NS PNTOSA 217
4. H2SO4 Dilute Sulfuric Acid 98
What is PNTOSA? PNTOSA manufacturer, supplier and exporter

PNT + Oleum = PNTOSA + Dilute sulfuric acid

PNTOSA manufacturer

Megh Rasayan is India’s most prominent manufacturer of PNTOSA. Also, we are exporters and suppliers of it. In our team, we have highly skilled and qualified professionals who make sure that our customers get the best-in-class product without making any compromise with the quality.

The manufacturing process which we have discussed above is strictly followed by us step by step. PNTOSA manufactured by us is a minimum of 80% pure. In our business, we strictly follow the most ethical way while manufacturing the products. Quality and consistency are our priority and therefore we follow and maintain all the quality standards.

Being a PNTOSA manufacturer we conduct the test at different stages as it ensures that there is no quality issue and our valued customers will be satisfied with the product we deliver. Our products are available for customers worldwide as we deliver outside India too.

PNTOSA suppliers

Megh Rasayan is very well known PNTOSA supplier. The chemical we supply is made by following all the industry norms. With the help of the latest processing methods and using high-grade chemical compounds we process these chemicals.

PNTOSA like chemicals are known for their purity and effectiveness and are extensively used in perfume, pesticides, textile, dyes, and pharmaceutical industries. We make sure we supply chemicals of the best quality to our valued customers as customer satisfaction is our priority.

PNTOSA exporter

 Megh Rasayan is also among the top exporter for high-quality PNTOSA. We are the top choice of many extensive products which are used in textile dyes and more. To maintain the quality of chemicals we export we strictly follow all quality control procedures and make use of manufacturing facilities that are up to date and latest. We are recognized for the best quality products internationally.

The biggest benefit of buying from us is you do not need to worry about the purity and quality of PNTOSA. We truly understand the significance of product quality and manufacture PNTOSA of the best possible quality.

To know more about our products you can get in touch with our team and further place your order with us.

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